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Dealing With People Who Drive Us CRAZY!

The problem with people is that they are... well, people!  All of us are flawed in some way - not one of us is perfect.  God brings many people into our lives that are nothing short of a gift. At the same time, God also allows many people into our lives who rub us entirely the wrong way - sometimes, even wounding us.  In this series, we look at how to handle four classes of people who drive us CRAZY!

170423 - Handling The Heckler Pastor Jeff Siems

170430 - Facing The Fake Pastor Jeff Siems

170507 - Inspiring The Inconsistent Pastor Jeff Siems

170514 - A Mother's Faith Pastor Jeff Siems

EXPERIENCE HIS LOVE Accepting & Living In The Love Of Christ

God loves us and he also expects us to love one another. His love for us was ultimately reveled to us by His suffering and sacrifice. This series will explore the six events of the suffering and sacrifice of our Savior and how that demonstration of His love alines with how we ought to love each other as reveled in 1st Corinthians 13:4-7. Through His passion, Jesus demonstrated the love that He expects for us to live. He doesn’t ask us to do anything that He was and is not willing to do Himself.

170305 - In The Cross Of Christ I Glory Guest: Rev. Jim Barnes

170312 - Love That Isn't Easy Pastor Jeff Siems


170319 - Jesus' Legacy, "PEACE Tara Moore

170326 - Love Says YES! Pastor Jeff Siems

170403 - Love Even When We Fail Pastor Jeff Siems

170409 - PAIN + Pastor Jeremy Isom

Love That's Forever Pastor Jeff Siems

THE ONE WE ADORE Deepening Our Worship Life

This new series, "The One We Adore: Deepening Our Worship Life” has the ultimate goal of encouraging you to worship God with everything you are and everything you have. That's the kind of worship that moves God's heart. That's the kind of worship that's based on the written revelation of God in Scripture. It's in the Scriptures that you will meet God who will reveal Himself to you for who He is: a holy, faithful, eternal, changeless, powerful, good, all-knowing, sovereign, ever-present and loving God.

170115 - Knowing The ONE We Adore Pastor Jeff Siems

170122 - The Secret Of Bearing Fruit Guest Speaker, Pastor Eddy Hall

170129 - A Passion For God Pastor Jeff Siems

170205 - A Picture Of Praise Pastor Jeff Siems

170212 - Three Ways To Worship Pastor Jeff Siems

170219 - What Happened To Romance? Pastor Grady Throneberry

170226 - When You Know Him You Will Worship Him Pastor Jeff Siems