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Bethel-St. Paul Church was founded on December 10,1995. The church was formed by way of a merger between St. Paul Evangelical United Church of Christ and Bethel United Church of Christ.  Saint Paul Evangelical was established by German immigrants in downtown Louisville in 1836. It was the founding congregation of the United Church of Christ in the Greater Louisville area. After enjoying many fruitful years of ministry and mission, the church experienced several decades of declining membership. In the early 1990’s, the congregation decided that merger with a sister church was the best way to continue its one hundred fifty year mission.

Bethel Church was established on the eastern edge of Louisville in 1923. Affectionately Bethel was known to the community as the Turtle Soup Church by virtue of a sixty-nine year-old tradition of preparing and serving turtle soup that began in 1929. Through her seventy-two year history, and especially in the last decade, this congregation was also outwardly focused in touching lives for the sake of the gospel. Thus, the once strong image of Turtle soup has given way to such outreach ministries as our annual Living Nativity  project, a comprehensive Vacation Bible School program, a generous emergency financial assistance ministry, and servant evangelism projects.


After a year of discussions beginning in January of 1995, both congregations voted affirmation of A Proposed Plan of Merger on October 8, 1995. The final worship service was held in the St. Paul facility on December 3rd of that year, followed by Merger Sunday on December 10th at the former Bethel Church facility (where the church now gathers). As one, truly united church, Bethel-St. Paul is committed to reaching the community for Jesus Christ.

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Thank you for visiting the Bethel St. Paul Church website! We are a Louisville church in the heart of St. Matthews! Our Sunday schedule is 9am (traditional service), 10am (sunday school) and 11am (contemporary service). Contact us at (502) 895-9437, or Email Us