A Christian Church in St. Matthews

Our mission is to challenge, encourage, and nurture people, through the work of the Holy Spirit, to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

The faith confessions of our church, established by the Board of Elders for the purpose of guiding the teaching ministry of our pastors, staff, and teachers, are embodied in the document, “What We Believe: A Profession of Faith”. We do not require that all current or prospective members endorse all of these faith statements as a condition for membership, but it is understood that that those in leadership and teaching ministry embrace these convictions. A copy of this document appears on the following pages.

The ministry of Bethel-St. Paul Church will be based on a foundation of prayer and spiritual development frequently and consistently ignited by the fires of revival. *The church will exist, not for itself, but for the purpose of taking Christ to the community in both word and deed,

attempting to meet the needs of the whole person while serving as ambassadors and reconcilers for the Kingdom of God. *We will foster a family atmosphere within the church emphasizing the importance of each person, regardless of age, gender, or station in life, placing special emphasis on reaching out to and embracing young families with children and youth and the particular challenges they face. *We will come together on a regular basis for celebration and instruction in an attractive and functional facility that is accessible to all.

Together, we will enthusiastically engage in worship with a voice that is uniquely our own. Together, we will diligently study and apply the Word of God in all of life’s situations. Together, we will lovingly minister in the face of struggle and happily rejoice in the midst of triumphs. Together, we are, and together we will be: FAMILY!

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Thank you for visiting the Bethel St. Paul Church website! We are a Louisville church in the heart of St. Matthews! Our Sunday schedule is 9am (traditional service), 10am (sunday school) and 11am (contemporary service). Contact us at (502) 895-9437, or Email Us